The cutting Battery Chainsaw heads are much like that on a string trimmer and may be mounted horizontally or vertically.

These machines are made for small, light and loose material. Their advantages are lower cost, lightweight and extreme portability.

Here is a good video that will give you a closer look on chipper shredder basics:

Why You Need a Wood Chipper Shredder

The days when you could simply burn yard debris in your backyard or dispose of it in the landfill are passing quickly.

You could, of course, accomplish much of what a chipper shredder does with hand tools such as pruners and knives, but unless your seasonal yard debris volume is very small that is truly time-consuming.

Reducing yard debris to a product as small and regular as what can be accomplished with a good chipper shredder is, frankly, nearly impossible.

Types of Wood Chipper Shredders for Home Use

There are two types of Battery Lawn Mower chipper shredder power you will come across in your research: electric-powered and gas-powered.