Some Grass Trimmer gardens are miniature. A few square feet would be enough to put two or three tomato plants or some spring flowers.

A full-size shovel, hoe or fork is not suitable for such a small space. The tiller makes it easy to mix the soil with compost, fertilizer, or other amendments.

Three wide-pitch forks easily flip the soil in a small area, giving the mini-garden the proper environment to grow.

Place a hook on it so that you can hang small hand tools, attach larger tools such as rakes or shovels, and create gloves, twine or other items that you use in the garden.

Pegboard is a versatile organization tool that adapts to your needs and the tools you need to store.

The tools are grouped together according to size. Put the shovel, rake, hand tiller and other large gardening tools together.

Collect smaller Garden Water Gun hand tools and place them in a central location.