Alternatively, soak the Grass Trimmer tools in strong black tea or cola. Other gardeners recommend using very strong black tea or even cola instead of vinegar to remove rust.

And then, tighten or replace any loose nuts or bolts, sand, prime and paint rusted structural parts, and replace or coat any bare or frayed wiring connections.

Still, remove the spark plug lead from the spark plug and move it away from cylinder head.

Always do this before attempting any repairs to a lawnmower that require turning the engine.

Next, position your mower. Tip it with care. There is no one rule fits all for tipping two or four stroke engines.

In fact, it is best not to tip, but if you do, you should remove the air filter so that it does not become saturated with oil or gas and be prepared for oil or gasoline spillage.

Most mowers now have a fuel line between the carburetor and fuel tank, and it is a good idea Battery Hedge Trimmer to clamp this in some way.